Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Struggles of a Gemini

I have been playing a "so called" Tug of War game recently and all I can come up with is... You are a Gemini, it's part of you! The experiences I have had with Bryce have given me so much strength, a lot of independence and shown me that I want to live every moment of my life to the fullest. It has shown me that my needs are important, not just making others happy, which is what I generally do. So the curse of the Gemini "Twins" has set in as I struggle with where I want my life to go.

Let's explore this a little bit. The Gemini loves to entertain, they are magnanimous in offering their friendship to people, they have the gift of gab, they are witty, cunning and can juggle multiple tasks and are usually charismatic. They are possessed of very active minds and bodies, and are often much younger-looking than they really are. But then there is the "other side", the so called TWIN... The Gemini is excessively spontaneous, which can be viewed as reckless and flirtatious. Gemini's can also be very indecisive changing their minds every 15 minutes. Even though they are witty, there are also the times when they cannot simply make up their minds; especially if the matter seems to excite them. They love novelty and change, but in areas concerning love and career, this personality may not work for their own good. The Gemini Likes: Talking, Novelty and the unusual, Variety in life, and multiple projects going at once... The Gemini Dislikes: Feeling Tied Down, Being in a rut, Mental inaction...

So where are you going with this Amy?!? Well, the past few weeks I have been struggling... I feel like I am "in a rut". I feel like I am "tied down" that I need to have "variety in life"... With everything that has happened I kind of feel like I am in a new world, a world where anything is possible and I need to find out what direction I want to go in and where I fit. My whole life I have taken great stride in making sure I keep the "Gemini tendencies" under control. I don't like hearing "Oh you're a Gemini... it's the Twin talking". I have always liked my sign and found that it was fairly true to me, but I have a hard time when people are mad at me so I try and keep the mood swings (per-say) in check. Recently, however, I have found that as i'm searching for my own happiness I am falling into almost every personality trait of the Gemini. As I move forward in my quest for my own happiness I am getting flighty and sporadic, I know what I want hands down, no questions asked one minute and the next I am off in la la land again trying to justify to myself that it would be ok to move forward. I feel like I am in a battle with myself for happiness, trying to figure out how to achieve what I want for me!

"Everyone loves a Gemini because everyone loves a schizophrenic."


  1. Some people like the fact that Geminis are challenging people that keep you on your toes. This may seem inane or inappropriate, but when all else fails, just go with it. Sometimes it is not up to you to cater to the world, but the world's problem if it can't keep up with YOU.

    I marked "You Guys are Crazy" because I love the fact that you had the dark sense of humor to put that choice on a blog about dealing with the loss of your child. After all, who of us in this world isn't crazy?

  2. Hi, Amy! From reading your description of a Gemini I could've sworn I was reading the description of an Aries (myself). Certainly your punch-line at the end made me laugh!

    But it's those who say they're not crazy, who are. You have been dealt a tremendous up-and-downish roller-coaster card of the unfairest kind.... And yet, you will find happiness as you continue to shine thru this path!!

    I took my kids to a small amusement park on Saturday and, as we were walking in, this guy was setting up the prizes for a game, almost in front of me (he seemed to appear from nowhere, in a second). Guess what he was trying to hang up? A huge Purple Monkey!!! Of course I thought of you and my sweetest bravest angel Bryce. I wished for a second it had been you this happened to, but at least I get to convey the message. :-)