Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Celebration of Life

It is amazing how prevalent the little Purple monkey has become in our lives. This past weekend we went to Florida to host a 6th birthday party for Wade. We ended up having 16 kids at the party which was really awesome. I love watching kids, some of which have never met, run off together and start playing, not a care in the world. I love that even though we had no toys available at all they found creative games to play and had a BLAST.

So, Purple Monkey, you ask... well yes, the Purple Monkey came to the party unexpectedly as well. You see my life long friend Amy has a 5 year old and 3 year old triplets. On the way to the party they stopped at McDonald's for Happy Meals (something I am told they never do). The triplets all got the same little Dalmatian Dog in their Happy Meal but not Madison... NO Madison got a Purple Monkey :-) As they arrived to the party it was obvious they were all toting their new toys, but I don't think anyone really realized what Maddy had. About an hour into the party I was running around taking pictures when it hit me ... it's a Purple Monkey...and the eyes welled up with Tears... Thank you Bryce for making your presence known at Wade's Birthday! It meant a lot to everyone <3

We are quickly approaching Bryce's 3rd Birthday (March 2) and I would like to ask everyone to consider donating $3 (or however much you would like) to my friends at Cirque Du Soleil. The touring show "Ovo" will be holding their 2nd Cirque Du SoBald Shave for St Baldrick's (the same foundation the 46 Mommas supports) in April. I thought this would be an excellent way to honor Bryce's life... by helping raise money to find a cure!

The sparkle of light, the whisper of wings
the fleeting touch that an Angel can bring,
will bring you guidance and surround you with love,
with the comforting presence that comes from above.
A feather, a coin or a butterfly in view,
can also be signs you have Angels with you.
Acknowledge their presence, trust in their care,
and thank them for showing you that they are there."