Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Isn't Heaven Up there? In the Sky?

It was a beautiful day today so George and I decided to take Wade to the playground. We really had no intention of "playing" we were just going to sit at the picnic table and chat but Wade had other plans, he wanted us to Play. So we decided to take a ton of pictures... Why not right, you can never have too many funtime pictures.

Wade took a great pic of us... <3

Wade and I on the slide

George and Wade having FUN

After the playground we decided to go to Applebee's and have dinner. As we were leaving the restaurant, Wade asks (out of nowhere) "When we get bigger we are going to die right?" George and I were speechless. We said yes honey when we get bigger, a long time from now, we will die, everyone does. He then asked "What will you two do when I die and you don't have me to live with you in the house"... Oh Wade! I have to admit this was a conversation that George and I were not prepared for. We asked him if he was confused about what happened to Bryce, or if he had any questions. We reassured him that it would be a LONG time before that happened and used ourselves as examples... saying that We are "older" and we still have our Mommy's and Daddy's here. We then asked if he had any questions about what happened to Bryce. And tried to explain to him that Bryce died because he had Cancer. The Doctors didn't have the right medicine to make him better, that it was a disease and that it is not something that he should be afraid of. We told him that some babies are really special and God sends them here for a reason, a purpose and that when they have completed their mission they have to go back to heaven. We told him that Bryce was sent here to teach everyone how to love with their whole heart, how to live life to the fullest and how to smile. He was very special and was able to touch A LOT of lives in his short time. Wade said that he missed him and wanted to know if we could send a picture to him in heaven. He said that Bryce would have loved our new car and that we should tie a picture to a balloon and send it to him in heaven. Then he asked how long it was going to be before Bryce sent him a sister. LOL... We told him that it might be a while because Bryce was looking for the perfect sibling for him and that if he finds one that is just right he will send them to us... and that it "might" end up being another Brother... He was ok with that. Wow... that was a heavy conversation... which was followed up with "Why can't we go to heaven and see Bryce"... here we go again. I explained to him that Heaven was very far away and that we can't get there until it's our turn. That we will all be back together one day but until then what he could do was talk out loud to Bryce. I told him that he was always listening, even though he can't answer, and that if he talked to him Bryce would always try and help him, like a guardian angel. Wade's response, can't we just take a Rocket Ship into the sky and visit him, isn't Heaven up there? In the Sky?

It's lonely out in space. On such a timeless flight. And I think it's gonna be a long long time... Rocketman by Elton John


  1. I loved this blog. It just filled me with love. I bet you have many more fun filled play days to come. :p

  2. Oh the words of wisdom and wonder that flow from the mind of a child.

    Hugs to you, dear Amy. xoxo


  3. One thing I made clear to Kaol when we had "the talk" about his brother was that just because Kendall was sick, that it didn't mean that anything would happen to Kaol. How to explain death to the siblings? Not an easy thing to do, but something that we HAVE to do. Yet, it seems as if they all take it beter than we give them credit for. The beautiful minds of children...