Saturday, May 7, 2011

Brycie's just chillin' with Santa Claus!

Today I thought I would share some of Wade's crazy "Bryce" analogies. Can't wait to hear what else Wade comes up with, but here are some of the good ones. I hope they can make you smile!

For those of you that might not have been with us on Caringbridge, or perhaps just forgot... when Bryce passed away Wade's only questions was "If Bryce can't fly on an airplane by himself then how did he get to heaven?" Good Question Wade, very thought provoking.

We were invited to attend a St Baldrick's Event that my friends at Cirque Du Soleil were hosting. As I introduced Wade to my friend J.F. Wade said "Are you shaving your head?" J.F. said Yes and Wade said "So all the other Mommies and Daddies can keep their babies?" Tears started rolling almost instantly on that one.

While in Target Wade and I were passing the toys and he saw an infant toy that he liked and yelled STOP. When I stopped the cart he said "We HAVE to get this" when I said it was for little babies and we didn't need it he said "Well we have to have something at home for the Baby that Bryce sends to us"

George and I were enjoying an nice dinner at the coffee table in the living room, best place to eat dinner! Wade was playing the Wii and he said. "So Mommy, do you think Bryce is looking for the perfect sister for me?" "You know he is going to send us a baby" Oh Wade, I have this vision of Bryce running around in heaven saying "Nope you won't be able to keep up with my crazy brother, next!"

Also while playing the Wii Wade said "Mommy I really miss Bryce, I liked when he played with me, but sometimes he beat me on the Wii and well, then I don't miss him". He's not competitive at all!

When George and I went to the Butterfly Wishes event for "A Wish With Wings" we bought the centerpiece (you could donate money to the foundation and take the centerpiece), it had these really beautiful butterflies on it. Well George took the Butterflies out and put them in a Bonsai like tree we had on the plant shelf in the living room. When Wade noticed it he got all excited and said "WHOOA... are those Butterflies, Did Bryce send them to us?" We went with it and said yes, Bryce sent them. And Wade said "It's perfect, there are 3 Butterflies and there are 3 of us". That's awesome!

Santa's watching! Wade and I were at Burger King for lunch, while we were in the play area he said "Mom what are those", he was looking at the security cameras, so I said "Oh those are video cameras" and his response was "Oh, cameras, So Brycie and Santa Claus can watch us?" Yes Wade... exactly... so Brycie and Santa Claus can watch us. He cracks me up... How Bryce got categorized with Santa I will never know.

Brothers, a bond that can not be broken! EVER! I hope that Wade's silly, yet thought provoking, comments have made you smile today! I hope that everyone can find sometime to step back, look for the butterflies and remember that Brycie and Santa Claus are ALWAYS watching!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there. It's a bitter sweet day for me, I am so honored to be a mommy but heartbroken too. It's hard to hear happy Mother's Day knowing that I won't get to hold Bryce and give him hugs and kisses, but I am sure that Wade will make sure I get extra lovin' tomorrow! He's such an amazing little man!

A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer. ~Author Unknown

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