Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Amazing Chili's Moments... I got priority over Mark Cuban... Washington DC and the 46 Mommas...

Two days ago a friend of George's came into work and told him that Bryce's picture was up at the Chili's by her house. This is not "our" Chili's so George went over after work to check it out. It was a photo copy of the picture and poem that we had given to the managers at "our Chili's"... George and I decided at that moment that we needed to go there and give them an actual photo. We had NO idea what we were in store for. Yesterday we went for lunch with a beautiful picture of Bryce in hand. We were seated and asked our server to have the manager stop by when they could. A few minutes later we were greeted by the manager and we introduced ourselves as Bryce's parents and told her that we thought they needed an actual photo. WOW that sparked an amazing day... She asked us all about Bryce and his Cancer, his treatments, etc. And then explained to us that she is in charge of the St Jude's Campaign for over 60 Chili's Restaurants and was really moved. She then asked us if we knew about the Warm Place and we told her that we go every other Monday... turns out she volunteers for them. Then she asked us if we would mind talking to her staff, to kind of just give them a personal reason to put more into their fundraising during September. Of course George and I said yes, so we went up to the front of the restaurant and all the servers came over. George started telling them about Bryce and what cancer treatment with a child is really like. 2 of the servers had to leave because they were so touched they were crying, several of them gave us hugs and thanked us for sharing Bryce with them. As we got back tot he table to eat I dug right into my salad only to have my onion twist itself up into an awareness ribbon (picture attached) kind of felt like it was Bryce giving his approval! It was truly an amazing time, being able to get through to a group of people that maybe don't really want to ask each table if they want to donate, maybe don't push for more fundraising because it is not something that personally affects their life. For us it was a moment of awareness, saying yes it really does happen to your neighbors and Thank You for doing what you do with St Jude's... With that said PLEASE keep in mind that Monday (Sept 26) is the Chili's Give Back Night. ALL proceeds from ALL Chili's Restaurants on Monday will be donated to St Jude's... ALL CHILI'S... Lunch, Dinner, To Go, it doesn't matter just try and plan some time to go to your local Chili's on Monday!

I also wanted to share with everyone that the 46 Mommas Shave For the Brave is tomorrow. We are SO excited to be a part of this amazing group and can not wait to meet the mommas and let people know we are here to fight for these kids! As a part of the Press Release on the Shave St Baldrick's Foundation sent out press kits to all the Momma's local news stations and CBS News called me to do an interview, so for those of you that are not on Facebook, or might not have seen it, here is a link to my interview, I was the lead in to the Mark Cuban interview which was very cool in and of itself as the Maverick's revel in their NBA Championship and everyone wants to hear what he has to say! I am so Proud of St Baldrick's and the 46 Mommas for raising SO much awareness and Funds for Childhood Cancers.

Here is a link to CBS News

And it's not to late to donate... here is a link to my page

And for those of you that will not be able to make it to DC the Shave will be live streaming, the Mommas have been broken up into groups... My group is supposed to be on from 605 to 620pm EST Check it out if you can

I will have TONS of pictures from our trip and I will share our journey as soon as we get home! Thank you SO much to everyone for Loving Bryce and Supporting our Family, we can not tell you enough how much that means to us!

I will leave you with the words of Wade!

"Mommy is shaving her head so that other Mommies and Daddies can keep their babies"

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