Thursday, June 16, 2011

A"normal" blog from a "Not so Normal" Mom

Wow I can't believe I am actually going to write a "normal" blog. Ok well sort of normal anyway... George and I decided to take a mini vacation to San Antonio, Wade's in Florida for the summer so we figured what the heck a mini vacation would be nice. I thought for a moment that we were going to have to cancel on Sunday morning when I woke up and I felt like my eyeballs were going to shoot out of my head, but it turned out to be sinus pressure from allergies and after sleeping ALL Sunday and most of Monday it went away.

We stayed at the Omni La Mansion Del Rio, which is right on the Riverwalk. The hotel is Beautiful, laid out a little strangely but the room was awesome the details were cool, wood beams on the ceiling, a brick wall in the room and the entrance door (for our room anyway) was double french doors. Pretty neat. We found out later that this property use to be St Mary's Institute, in the late 1800's and later, 1931, St Mary's University so the layout made more sense. Needless to say we like it a lot!

Our first day we decided to walk to El yeah it's like 106 degrees here to have lunch at La Margarita (which was suggested by several people). The food and service was great but the walk damn near killed me... LOL! When we returned to the hotel we rested for a little bit and then hit the Riverwalk. We figured we would walk down to the actual mall, it's air conditioned after all. And what do we find? A store called "Primarily Purple". Yup you guessed it Purple Monkeys, several different kinds... Hello Bryce :-) we are having a great time, thanks for stopping by to check on us! George and I were both so stuffed from lunch that we decided to skip dinner and head over to Howl at the Moon. I forgot how much fun Piano bars were. Now keep in mind my "piano bar" experience is at JellyRolls at Disney's Boardwalk Resort so they are limited in what they can and can not sing and/or say... Needless to say Howl at the Moon was not. We were entertained with the musicians, there were 4 (2 pianos, 1 guitar and 1 drummer, they all rotated)... they had their iPhones out and when they didn't know the words to a song they would pull them up...if they didn't know a song they would listen to it real quick on the phone. It was funny, oh how did we ever live without the Android phone.... We had a great time. I would like to thank the "Boston Cream-Tini" for an excellent evening!

Day 2 we decided to go to Schlitterbahn, New Braunfels. Um... yeah! This is the one that you see on the Travel Channel. The Number one Water Park in the US, the One that beats out Disney's Water Parks year after year, the best of the best... Um... NO! I may just be Disney spoiled but this was the most annoying park I have ever been to... Let me see if I can do this justice, it is located in the middle of a residential area so they don't have property to expand, so what they did was build a new park about 5 miles away from the original... So, you park at which ever lot has spaces and go up to buy your tickets. You get a wristband that allows you access to either (later we found out its actually 3) and then they have a bus that takes you from one to the other. Ok, weird.... so George and I ended up parking at the Original Park. We knew right away that we wanted to go to the "New" park for the slides you see on the Travel Channel, so we bought our overly priced tickets, got our wristbands and onto the bus we went. We got over to the "New" side. Upon arrival there we realized um, yeah this is 2 parks too... So we hiked it, about 2 football fields from one side to the other and proceeded to wait an hour and a half for Master Blaster (the water coaster). After that we floated around the "wave pool river" twice and then hiked it back to the other side for the Dragons Revenge. Dragon's Revenge was really cool, I liked that one a lot but for $100 i'm pretty sure I was a sucker to their Travel Channel reviews. A hike back over to the other side to get our things, a bus ride back to the Original Park and we left. It was HOT, it was annoying and it was nowhere near what we are use to in a water park. Perhaps we will try the Galveston Schlitterbahn, someday! When we got back to the Hotel we went to BBQ lunch on the River and then nap time for Amy! My nap was followed by "Date Night". George had set up a really nice dinner at The Chart House Restaurant which is at the top of the Towers of America (which is like the SpaceNeedle), its a rotating restaurant at the top of the tower. Again Martinis made the night a little sillier (I don't ever drink so...) Dinner was really good, the company was great too! George and I had a really nice time.

Today we are heading home. A nice little getaway. Time for George and I to just hang out together and have fun. We really needed this. Back to the grind, to real life tomorrow.

A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in. ~Robert Orben

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