Thursday, August 4, 2011

Another "steam train" addition made to our house... Welcome Wade's new Cat-- KIMBALL

Welcome to the newest, unexpected, addition to our family... KIMBALL...

2 days ago we made what was supposed to be a quick stop at Petco. We have an addition on our house that we were going to make into Wade's playroom. This room is where the dogs would normally be corralled while we were out so, we needed to get a new "pen" for them as we don't like crating them but they can't be trusted to run around the house, and they needed new harnesses. So we knew exactly what we needed and headed into the store. Well, Wade knows where the "rescue" cats are in the store and as George and I walked in "on a mission" Wade got side tracked at the cats. I turned around and he said Look, mom look, this cat loves me. George and I went and looked at the cat and said ok Wade let's go pick out harnesses for Broggie and Emma... As we were getting ready to leave, Wade ran off again saying he needed to say good bye to the cat. As we drove home George kept giving me "that look" so we sat down and discussed it. Hmmmm, a cat, really, do I want a cat... it was cute, they are easy to take care of... Oh boy! So we decided we would get the cat for Wade, but we needed to surprise him.

So, yesterday morning George dropped Wade off at my mom's and went to Petco to buy the cat. They think it's about 11 weeks old, it was found in a Thrift Store parking lot with his brothers and sisters. The Rescue Group found them and nursed them with bottles so he is VERY loving and likes being cuddled. The fee is for all vaccinations, a voucher for his rabies shots and neutering... So George filled out all the paperwork and said he would come back later to get him. I ran up to the store later in the day and got all the "stuff" and we set everything up in "Wade's new playroom" and went to get Wade. We told him we needed to go back to the Pet Store to get something for Emma. As we walked in the door he said can we see if that kitty is still here and we said of course. Well Wade immediately noticed that the paperwork was gone and there was a bright yellow peice of paper in its place so he said "what does this say"... I said can you tell me the letters and he said A-D-O-P-T-E-D and I said "that is adopted, it means that someone has bought this kitty and will be taking it home with them". He got sad and said "BUT WHO" and I said "I don't know and looked at George"... Wade immediately moved over to the other 2 cats and said "but why didn't they want these kitties?" and I looked and him and said "I don't know Wade... Why didn't YOU want those kitties"... his whole face lite up and he said "Is this MY cat... Am I the one that gets to take him home?".... It was SO cute.

On the ride home with our new Kitty Wade says "Mom, Dad... thank you for getting me this cat... now I have someone to play with, Since Bryce isn't here anymore"... QUE THE WATERWORKS!!!!

Friends are kisses blown to us by angels. ~Author Unknown

P.S. for those that don't know our pets are named after Disney trains.

We have a Pug named Broggie after the Roger E. Broggie steam train at Magic Kingdom in Florida

Our 2nd Pug, Ripley (passed away) was named after the E.P. Ripley steam train at Disneyland California

Our Boston Terrier, Emma Nevada was named after Disney Animator Ward Kimball's steam train that he ran at Grizzly Flats (his backyard railroad)..

Seemed only fitting that our new cat be named Kimball since it has several points of significance . Ward Kimball was one of Walt Disney's "9 old men" animators, he was the owner of the Emma Nevada, and The Disney Company also had a steam train named the "Ward Kimball" that was too large for the Disneyland track and too small for the Walt Disney World track, so it was put on display at EPCOT and then traded to Cedar Point for the train that is now the "Ward Kimball" at Disneyland.

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  1. You are a great mom and dad! The kitty is adorable, and I'm sure Wade is as happy as can be. The comment about having somebody to play with just made me tear up, I can't imagine how you felt. I think of your family and your sweet Bryce often, and I keep you all in my prayers. Thanks for your stories, you certainly have a way with words.